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Kundalini is one "brand name" for the generic Energy that can be found in many if not all religions. Other brand names include: The Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, and Ruach ha Kadosh.

The ancient
yogic texts described a life energy present in all living beings called prana; corollary energies have been identified in many other cultures, such as huo and chi of Tibetan yogis, quaumaneq of Eskimo shamans, incendium amoris and photismos of Christian mystics, Henri Bergson’s élan vital, and the more recent terms ‘bioenergy,’ ‘bioplasma,’ and ‘orgone energy.’ So there are many brand names for this generic energy that is in all living things. One of the main objectives of our research network is to learn from each other and educate the medical community on how this fits in to our process of optimum health.

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